Next gen personality assessmentCare Personality Assessment
Assess Your Soft Skills and Blind Spots
Next-gen Personality Assessment and Personalized Coaching Program
20 mins. 120 questions
How does it work?
Take a 20-minute quiz
Take a 120-question robust test that helps us understand your traits, powers and shadow sides.
Quiz question example
See your strengths and shadow sides
Discover what drives and motivates you, and what keeps you behind.
Strength and shadow sides chart
Compare yourself with your teammates
See what traits and themes are most powerful in your team, and what you might need to work on.
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Get personalized development program
Our SALT Online program helps with your personalized development and coaching goals.
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What you can get
Discover your strengths, weaknesses, and stretches as a leader & contributor.
Assess your team’s profile and see what are your strengths and what you miss as a group.
Reduce stress and anxiety by managing your shadow triggers and working with your dark sides.
Improve your energy and focus by finding the right processes, tools & action logic.
Who it is for
Fresh Team Leads
To build core leadership skills and be successful as a 1st time manager.
Established Managers
You might use it for your team and see a new perspective on yourself.
Individual Contributors
You can see what are your superpowers and what you can build on to accelerate your career.
What people say
Michael Tomko, ex-CPO HomeWav
Care helps you uncover how your personality traits intersect and the nuances you experience in daily life as a result. Unlike many other players in this space, Care’s personality assessment is highly data-forward. While this allows you to achieve a great depth of understanding of your superpowers, I think the ability to uncover the possible dark sides of your strengths is even more impactful.
Katherine Dawn Mercado, CX Lead, ParrotHQ
The Personality Assessment is such a great tool to deconstruct someone's personality. The 7 domains are carefully structured in a way that it acts as an internal compass. I tried it with my team and it was really interesting and useful to learn about each person's strengths and weakness. It's a great help to navigate through team dynamics!
Noah Hirsch, Co-founder, ISLA Ventures
I was astonished with the precision the assessment uncovered my personality. For sure not a lot of surprises, but a fundamental framework to analyse your personal powers and blind spots. I think a discovered the best instrument to apply analytics to your personal profile.
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